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Of the Highest Quality

At HPM Craftsmen, we understand the importance of picking the right home addition contractor in Dutchess County, NY. An addition to your home is important for all kinds of reasons, but the disruption and cost associated with this project means choosing the wrong contractor can really hurt. Many homeowners have horror stories about contractors missing deadlines, leaving mid-project, or leaving the job with inadequate work that someone else needs to finish. 

At HPM, we strive to provide the complete opposite experience. When you hire our home addition contractors in Dutchess County, we do the work that is agreed upon, within the agreed-upon schedule. That’s it. While other contractors may rely on sales gimmicks or come up with endless excuses, the team at HPM has the knowledge, materials, and most importantly, the experience to complete your job on time and exceed your expectations. 


Time and again, our house remodelers in Dutchess County have shown the right home addition contractor makes all the difference for your space, your budget, and your sanity!

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