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Door Installation

Everyday homeowners too often put off having aging and ineffective doors replaced because it looks like a major endeavor. By working with an experienced remodeling outfit that routinely helps homeowners upgrade their properties, the common door problems can be resolved.


  • Door Closing on Their Own: When older homes shift and settle, even a mildly misaligned door can cause major issues. Our team knows how to install a new door so that it functions correctly.

  • Uneven Doors: When the spacing at the top and bottom of a door look different, it can be a source of embarrassment. We take corrective measures when replacing a subpar product.

  • Rubbing Doors: Weather tends to impact incorrectly set doors by expanding and contracting the materials. Our team of professionals accounts for all conditions when making a cost-effective door installation.


If you have a door that no longer works properly or products that have seen better days, contact HPM Craftsmen for a budget-friendly door installation quote today.

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