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Basement Renovations - welcome the light!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Homeowners often leave basement renovations at the bottom of their to do list. It's often the least used space in the home - until you realise that gone are the days of dark and dingy basements. Even without a lot of natural light, we are able to lighten and brighten any basement. We recently had the pleasure of working on the following basement renovation in Ossining, and we are so proud of the final result.

Some things to keep in mind if you are considering a basement renovation:

1) Lighting, Lighting, Lighting!

Recessed lighting is the most common option for basements for many reasons. They are flush to the ceiling so do not intrude on the ceiling clearance. The newer LED recessed lighting spreads a great deal of white light, which opens up the space tremendously.

2) Posts don't need to be an eyesore

If you are not looking to install steel beams in the ceiling to carry the structural load of the home, then the posts are there to stay. Boxing them out with white is a great way to hid the previously unattractive element. Be creative with your furniture placement and use these posts to your advantage.

3) Keep the flooring and paint colors light.

This helps maintain the lightness in the room and makes the room all around more inviting. Laminate or tile flooring are two great options for the floor.

4) Adding storage

Closets under the stairs or built in bookshelves are a great feature to any basement. You can never have enough storage!

If you are considering a basement renovation, or simply need some design advice, give us a call! This is our craft, this is our passion!

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