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7 Bathroom Trends Designers Already Love for 2023

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in our homes where we often spend some time alone to de-stress and work through our thoughts for the day. It is also where people get some of their most creative ideas. That’s why turning your bathroom into one of the most beautiful and functional spaces in your home is essential. If you are considering renovating your bathroom and looking for creative ideas for the same, you have come to the right place.

Here are some bathroom trends designers recommend for 2023.

Naturalistic vanities

Vanities are essential to any bathroom as you store your makeup essentials there and get ready with their help. In the past few years, vanities have been made with artificial materials such as plastic. However, more and more homeowners are moving towards sustainable homes and switching to naturalistic vanities designed with wood. They also provide a serene vibe to your bathroom.

Create a statement bathroom with natural stones

If you want a unique bathroom that showcases your personality, invest in natural stones. Natural stones are available in various textures, colors, and designs, giving your bathroom a unique finish. Stones like marble and granite also look sophisticated and add elegance to your bathroom space.

Add a touch of luxury

Bathrooms are no longer just a functional necessity in a home. They have become a symbol of affluence and comfort, as well as a space to showcase one’s creative juices. Technology has become vital in bathrooms, from smart showers and heated toilet seats to electric jacuzzis and in-bathroom voice assistance. In fact, choosing a touch of luxury is the best way to make your modern bathroom stand out.

Bold colors

Black, white, and gray are the classic combination of bathroom colors that are still loved by many. However, in 2023, homeowners will look for bolder color options to turn their bathrooms into statement pieces. Bold red, black, dark blues and dark greens are touted to be very popular in bathrooms in the upcoming years.

Spa-like experience

Getting a spa day is one of the most relaxing experiences. Yet it is only possible to go to a spa sometimes. Hence, homeowners want to bring spas to their homes. More and more homeowners wish to have standalone bathtubs, preferably with a relaxing view in their bathrooms, for a comfortable spa experience.

A wow element

Statement pieces aren’t just restricted to living rooms now, and homeowners want to add statement details to their bathrooms in the upcoming years. Architectural elements like full-height windows and light covers with statement lighting can help you create a wow moment in your bathroom space.

Wooden flooring

High-performance wooden floorings are making a comeback in 2023. Homeowners recognize the value of wooden floors in terms of sustainability, durability, and style. They are a great addition to any modern bathroom floor.

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