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What's in a name?

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Many of our customers ask us what HPM stands for. Well the story is really short and simple. Back in 2016, we were really struggling with connecting with the word "carpentry" and "contracting". We felt it didn't embody who were were as a company and what our vision was for our clients. After some brainstorming, we fell upon Craftsmen. We took it and ran with it. We added HPM to exemplify what kind of Craftsmen we are:


(because trust is one of our business' cornerstones - not only do customers trust us to do quality craftsmanship, but they also trust us with the visions and their homes)


(because we are professionally run and we look like it too)


(because all our employees are exceptionally skilled, not jacks of all trades)


and that was the day HPM was born.


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