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Window Replacement

Window replacement projects continue to top the home improvement lists of homeowners all across the country. New Yorkers are no exception to the thinking that swapping out drafty and sometimes cloudy windows for a new set is the best way to invest in a home. If you are considering replacing those outdated windows, these are reasons why contacting HPM Craftsmen about window replacement may be in your best interest.


  • Tax Rebates: Although numerous changes have been made to the tax code in recent years, homeowners in New York may be able to take a substantial deduction by installing energy-efficient windows.

  • Reduce Energy Loss: Drafty windows allow heat and cool air to escape. By securing your home with top-rated windows, you will be more energy efficient.

  • Improved Sunlight: Cloudy windows tend to deflect sunlight, making your living space gloomy. New windows allow you full access to sunlight and its natural warming abilities.


Along with saving you money, new windows improve property values, enhance your views, and make a home look more appealing. If you would like to move forward on a window replacement project, contact HPM Craftsmen today.

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