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Our favorite trends of 2022, and are they hear to stay?

1. Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

2022 brought in the trend of colorful and bold cabinets, and we are happy to report that this trend is here to stay! 2023 will however see more earth-inspired tones, happy yellows, warm greens and neutrals.

The big bold blues of 2022 is seeing a fade and leaving way for greens and earthy toned neutrals.

2. Bathroom Sanctuaries

The new year can expect bathtubs and showers to get deeper and more luxurious. Homeowners will put greater emphasis on bringing natural elements into the bathroom, such as plants, more sunshine and natural wood.

bathroom, soaking tub, tranquil bathroom

3. Home office Makeovers

This is one trend that is making a shift, with more people having returned to the office either full or part time. While home offices are seeing a more glam vision for 2023, there is definately a decline in home office makeovers for 2023.

4. Shiplap walls

:This trend will not completely sizzle out quite yet but we will see a shift in 2023 from white shiplap accent walls to some more creative applications. Black or bold shiplap walls will still continue to make a statement as well as new twists on slat and wooden accent walls.


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