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Easy kitchen upgrades on a Budget

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Upgrade your lighting

Go big and make a statement. This upgrade gives you a quick upgrade without breaking the bank.

Change your hardware

Keep in mind to purchase new hardware with the same screw spacing as your existing spacing. Think eclectic and unusual. We love these rattan knobs from Etsy- just adorable!

Replace your faucet and/or sink

Some of our favorite kitchen faucets are the Delta Trinsic. One recent deal we found is this Kraus sink and faucet at Costco for $399 for the bundle! Now that's an upgrade with bang for your buck!

Install floating shelves

Solid hardwood floating shelves can get pricey, but a great hack is using butcher block cut down for shelving.

Are you in need of some creative ideas to give your kitchen a quick makever? Give us a call in the office for a complimentary design consultation 845-878-3004

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