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6 Kitchen Design trends for 2022

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder". However, if you are considering a kitchen renovation and are scouring the internet for ideas on cabinets, counters and such, knowing what the current trends are can be useful.

Here are our favorite picks for 2022:

1) Engineered sinks

We are loving the shift away from stainless and porcelain sinks to engineered sinks. They come in a variety of colors and are easy to maintain. Blanco is a popular manufacturer and you can get the sinks in farmhouse, undermount or over mount.

farmsink, black sink, sink, engineered sink, kitchen sink
Engineered Sinks by Bianco

2) Designer Range Hoods

By using a range hood insert, you can design a custom range hood from sheetrock, shiplap or other wood trim. We love the painted shiplap range hood which is both beautiful and cost effective. Hoodsley has a variety of customizable options.

custom hood, sheetrock hood, range hood vent, vent, walnut, small kitchen, custom kitchen
Custom hood vent by Hoodsley

3) Color!

While white kitchens do give a clean design look, there is a trend for adding color to kitchens. You can add splashes of colors too - no need to go all out. Accents of color can be created on the kitchen island, the custom range hood or in the countertop. Green seems to be the go to color for 2022!

4) Mixed Materials

If adding a pop of color isn't in your kitchen design, perhaps consider using mixed materials. Adding a white oak or walnut island or accent can add texture and interest to your new kitchen. Consider mixed metal faucets (Kohler has some great options)

5) Appliances

Appliances are bringing color back. Most major appliance lines are offering appliances in Navy, white, greens and matte black to name a few. While these are bold choices, they are stunning!

6) Make a splash with your backsplash

Although the previous design trend for backsplashes was white subway, there is a plethora of beautiful options available. Consider patterns and colors for your backsplash for a more affordable update.

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