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Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2020

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Kitchens are a place where memories are homemade and seasoned with love. - Anonymous

It wasn’t always that way. As little as 50 years ago, the kitchen was demoted to the back of the house; a place designated for meal preparation and dirty dishes. In 2020, the kitchen has been elevated to the center of the home; a place where everyone gathers to eat and share the day’s events. So it makes sense to focus on the kitchen if you have the inclination to remodel an area of your home.

The recent trends lean toward clean and simple lines with an abundance of natural light which adds to the kitchen’s overall look and function. But as we embark on a new decade, there are new design elements popping up, ready to take us through the roaring 20s.

Here are some of the kitchen trends for 2020:

Smart Kitchens. One of the biggest trends in 2020 is technology-integrated kitchens or smart kitchens. Technology is not limited to gadgets and appliances, faucets and lighting are also getting in on this trend. Many new appliances come equipped with built-in technology. Refrigerators can alert you when certain grocery items are running low or let you know when certain items are going bad. Motion sensors can be added to faucets and lights. Speaking of lights, they can also be synced with your tablet or smartphone. Smart kitchens will continue to evolve with technological advances.

Pops of Color. White cabinets will never truly go out of style, but if you’re looking to experiment, why not paint your cabinets or an accent wall your favorite color? The kitchen is the most-used room in the house, so the space should reflect your style and palette. Trending colors are taking a nod from nature, such as ocean blues and forest greens. Dark kitchen cabinets and wall colors add evoke an elegant, dramatic, luxurious feel. Look for black, navy, plum, and dark jewel tones to make their way into the kitchen color palette.

Staying Streamlined. The overall aesthetic for kitchens is simple and streamlined. This includes removing the upper cabinets to make your kitchen appear brighter and larger while allowing more productive use of the counter space. If additional storage is still needed, consider open shelves for storage as well as a functional design element. Other ways to add a focal point is to use natural wood for open shelving or install a natural stone backsplash. A streamlined kitchen can still have a design spark.

Big Backsplashes. Backsplashes are becoming a design and focal point of the kitchen in addition to being functional. Homeowners are ditching upper cabinets for more wall space, allowing the backsplash to go all the way to the ceiling. The slabs and tiles come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns so the design choices are endless. For a classic look, pair a neutral pattern with a natural texture. For the more daring, add a pop of color with your backsplash.

Quartz Counters. Quartz is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and anti-microbial, traits that make it the most-requested countertop surface. At the beginning of the quartz trend, colors and styles were limited. With technological advances, quartz now comes in a variety of colors, textures, and veins. However, the trend is cleaner styles with softer and neutral colors such as gray, cream, or white.

Ceramic Flooring. The most popular kitchen flooring is still hardwood, but ceramic flooring isn’t far behind. Ceramic flooring comes in a variety of styles and designs, including hardwood. Whether you like the traditional sizing of hardwood or prefer a unique pattern, ceramic tile has you covered. Plus it is easier to maintain than hardwood.

Mixed Metals. The monochromatic matchy-matchy metal look is no longer on-trend. Mixing metals adds character and a touch of eclectic style to your kitchen. If you like gold accents, try a gold faucet with brushed nickel hardware on your cabinets. Light fixtures can incorporate one of the metals in your kitchen to complete the look.

Metal Hoods. In the past, homeowners have attempted to camouflage their range hoods within their kitchen design. This year, look for customer steel hoods to become the focal point in kitchen design. If it’s an essential element that can be viewed from most rooms in your home, why not make it a statement piece? A steel hood is also a nice feature that will help to break up rows of wood cabinetry. It does come with a $5,000-$7,000 price tag, so budget accordingly.

Kitchen Islands. Islands are hardly a new trend, as they have been the focal point and center of the kitchen for nearly a decade. However, look for the kitchen island to create a bigger impact in 2020. Larger islands will be multi-functional with storage cabinets, space for under-counter appliances, and seating-serving for casual dining. In keeping with the continued open concept trend, some islands will extend into the living or great room.

Storage Solutions. Ample kitchen storage is the foundation of a functional kitchen. Many kitchen designs have wasted space or cabinets that don’t allow you to organize your items efficiently. Better storage solutions are what homeowners seek, and remodelers have answered. Trending solutions with cabinetry include cutlery and utensil drawer dividers, pull-outs for spices and condiments, roll-out trays for pots and pans, small appliance garages, and wastebasket cabinets for trash and recyclables. ,

Bring the Outside In. Many homeowners want to connect their kitchen to their patio or outdoor space. These spaces come together by installing a glass door or entry point in the kitchen. The other trend is installing a wide window (approximately six feet) above the sink, but be prepared to lose some cabinet space with this option.

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